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Although most ganes of chance are played with a pair of dice, it is common to conduct fortune telling with a set of three matching dice. The reason for this may be as simple as mathematics: Three dice allows for more possible outcomes than two dice, making the casting more flexible in predcting the future.

A leather dice-cup is tossing out the lucky combination six-six-six, surrounded by other lucky items: a golden horseshoe, Juniper berries, and four-leaf Clovers. This card was printed in Germany around 1910. The surprinted inscription, "Daudz laimes Jauna gada!" is Latvian and means "Happy New Year."

Two methods of reading Dice are given in "Throwing the Bones: How to Foretell the Future with Bones, Shells, and Nuts" by catherine yronwode" -- the "Dice Numerology" system, which totals the spots and reduces the number by adding digits together as in regular numerology, and the "British Dice Reading" system of three dice. This material appears on pages 51 and 52.

"Throwing the Bones: How to Foretell the Future with Bones, Shells, and Nuts" by catherine yronwode (Lucky Mojo Curio Co.)



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