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Numerology is the metaphysical study of numbers that we find all around us in daily life. These number may be used in scriptural interpretation, for character analysis, and as a form of divination or prediction, especially for games of chance. I personally divide the field of occult and mystical numbers into these five categories of study:

  • Numerology: How Your Name and Birthdate Reveal Your Character
  • Arithmancy: Using Your Numbers to Tell Your Future Fortune
  • Number Magic: Choosing and Changing Your Name for Luck and Profit
  • How To Get Your Winning Number: Catching Lucky Numbers to Bet
  • Spiritual Numberology: The Hidden Unity of Words And Phrases

Lucky Numbers, from 1 through 9.

This simple key provides traditional and well accepted meanings for each digit from 1 though 9.

1 Adventurous, bold, brave, a leader, an innovator.
2 Receptive, gentle, diplomatic, peaceable, calm.
3 Expressive, enthusiastic, joyous, inspirational.
4 Practical, scientific, accumulative, hard-working.
5 Changeable, adaptable, in motion, quick, dextrous.
6 Humanitarian, compassionate, helpful, supportive.
7 Introspective, quiet, meditative, reclusive, poised.
8 Organized, acquisitive, financially successful.
9 Universal, artistic, upright, virtuous, enduring.

Lucky numbers may be derived by means of a look-up or work-out system, such as one that correlates numbers to letters in specific words, dates, or names, or assigns numbers to images in dreams or things seen during the day. They may also appear out of nowhere, by glancing at a clock, a house number, an automobile license plate, or a phone number. They may be produced intentionally after shuffling or sortilege, as, for instance, when they are picked up from the page-numbers of a book opened at random, thrown as, or printed on Chinese fortune cookie papers or on cards purchased from a vending machine. Vending machine numbers are intrinsic to Your Wate and Fate in that the old American Scale Company machine that is our site's avatar produces readings of your poundage and your fortune, and many such scales and astrological card vending machines also oblige the customer by emitting tickets, cards, or papers containing lucky numbers as well as predictive fortunes.

Some people find or select life-long lucky numbers and they feel most fortunate when those numbers spontaneously appear. Others experience a rush of luckiness when in the course of a day they find numbers with specific qualifications, such as repeating digits or palindromic numerals. Still other stay on the hunt for new, often transient or temporary lucky numbers, perhaps gotten by sortilege or by consulting a dream book in which dream images are accompanied by lucky numbers.

No matter how they are obtained, lucky numbers are particularly popular among lottery players who use them to choose number-combinations they hope will win. They are also employed by racetrack gamblers who use them to determine which races to play and which horse to bet on, and by casino bettors who may use them to select which table or slot machine to sit at when playing games of chance.

To take a deep dive into historical books about the science of magical numbers, see --

My book, "The Secret of Numbers Revealed," will teach you the basics of numerology for divination, betting, character analysis, and good luck.

"The Secret of Numbers Revealed" by Godfrey Spencer, Catherine Yronwode, Louis de Claremont, Dr. Roy Page Walton, et al. (Lucky Mojo Curio Co.)



And coming in January 2025:

  • Mutoscope Numerology Vending Machine Cards

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